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Maritime Agency


Maritime Agency

We provide various services to the shipping industry, such as handling the legal, operational, and commercial aspects of a vessel's port call, soliciting cargo, arranging insurance, managing risk, and representing the interests of the ship owners, operators, charterers, or other parties involved in the voyage. There are different types of maritime agencies, depending on the functions and responsibilities they perform. Some of the main categories are:

Maritime Agency

●Port agent: This is the agent that organizes and coordinates the port call, acting on behalf of the owner or operator of the vessel. The port agent is responsible for booking berth allocations and services ahead of the vessel’s arrival, exchanging information between the vessel and the shore, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the cargo handling, arranging tugs, pilots, stevedores, and other port services, finalizing the accounts and other paperwork after the vessel has sailed, and ensuring compliance with the safety, commercial and statutory requirements and regulations applicable to the port.

●Cargo agent: This is the agent that solicits cargo on behalf of the owner or operator of the vessel, usually within a defined geographical area. The cargo agent is responsible for finding and securing suitable cargoes or charterers for the vessels, marketing and promoting the services of the principal, negotiating contracts and rates, issuing bills of lading and other documents, collecting freight and other charges, and handling claims and disputes.

●Owners/charterers agent: This is the agent that acts for another party that has an interest in the port call, such as the shipper, receiver, consignee, consignor, or forwarder. The owners/charterers agent is responsible for protecting and advancing the interests of their principal in relation to the port call, liaising with the port agent and other parties involved in the voyage, arranging customs clearance and delivery of cargo, providing local knowledge and expertise, and resolving any issues or problems that may arise.

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