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Commercial Management


Comercial Management

Market analysis and forecasting: This involves studying the supply and demand of various shipping segments, such as dry bulk, liquid bulk, container, offshore, etc., and identifying the trends and opportunities in the global and regional markets.There are different types of maritime agencies, depending on the functions and responsibilities they perform. Some of the main categories are:


Chartering and operations: This involves finding and securing suitable cargoes or charterers for the vessels, as well as planning and coordinating the voyage, loading, discharging, bunkering, port calls, etc. Sales and purchase: This involves buying and selling vessels or fleets, either for trading or demolition purposes, as well as conducting due diligence, valuation, inspection, negotiation, etc.


Finance and accounting: This involves managing the cash flow, budgeting, financial reporting, auditing, taxation, etc., of the shipping business.
Legal and insurance: This involves dealing with the contractual, regulatory, and dispute resolution issues that arise in the shipping industry, as well as arranging and managing the insurance coverage for the vessels and cargoes.


Risk management: This involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating the various risks that affect the shipping business, such as market risk, operational risk, credit risk, legal risk, etc.


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